Recognition of Accountability,

Verification and Excellence

Sponsored by the Alabama School Counselor Association

Supported by the Alabama Department of Education

*The 2017-2018 school year will be the last year for school counselors to begin the RAVE process. Counselors who submit their application for the Bronze RAVE and receive the award will be allowed to apply for the Silver RAVE in 2018-19 and the Gold RAVE in 2019-20.  No one will be allowed to submit a Bronze RAVE application after August 30, 2018.  If you have any questions, please email Cindy Davis @ cindy.davis@knology.net.

RAVE Forms for 2017-18:  (click form LINK below to open/download)



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RAVE-Template-2 (2017-2018)

RAVE-ScoreFormRubric 2017-18





 Since 2004, the RAVE is a continuous improvement document that gives a school counseling program an opportunity to demonstrate effective communication and a commitment to implementing an outcome-based, data-driven program. Modeled after the Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Model for Alabama Public Schools (State Plan), the Recognition of Accountability Verification & Excellence Award (RAVE) has been developed by an advisory group of Alabama school counselors, counselor educators, system/district supervisors and the Alabama Department of Education.

We hope that you will find the RAVE useful in:

  • presenting a self-evaluation of your school counseling student support system,
  • promoting your program to your school administration, school board, community partners and businesses and parents/guardians,
  • preparing reports for school accreditation, grants, or awards recognition, and
  • implementing the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Standards and the National Model for School Counseling Programs, and
  • implementing the Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Model for Alabama Public Schools (State Plan).


The following information represents important areas for evaluation and advocacy for your school counseling and guidance program. Each category has points to help you complete each section. The RAVE might be considered a “resume” for your program, and it needs to have a consistent “voice” and format throughout the document.


 Community Partnerships/Resources – internal and external agencies and programs that integrate their unique talents and opportunities into your school counseling student support system. Collaboration with community partners may include referrals, monitoring, sharing resources, and supervision.

School Counseling Program – a coordinated comprehensive program that is part of the school counseling student support system. Credentialed school counselors are responsible for design, implementation, evaluation, and coordination of the school counseling student support system.

School Counseling Student Support Team (SCSST) – team of site-based certificated or classified personnel, volunteers, or other individuals. They provide a wide range of student support services that impact student academic, career, and personal/social development.

School counseling student support system – services and programs that provide a coordinated support network for all students.


 Your school’s RAVE will be evaluated for the Recognition of Accountability, Verification and Excellence Award recognition that will occur in November 2016. Schools applying for a RAVE Award must follow the format established by the Evaluation Committee. Your student support program’s priorities will determine the length of each section. Members of the RAVE Evaluation Committee will judge this year’s RAVE Award applications.

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Please note that the following criteria apply to this year’s RAVE: RAVE applications with less than a 10 font for text, 8 for graphs will not be considered for a RAVE Award. Your RAVE must fit on TWO 8.5” by 11” or 8.5” by 14” single-spaced pages with no attachment. The RAVE Award application must be EMAILED to Cindy Davis at cindy.davis@knology.net by August 15, 2016.

Along with your RAVE entry, email your self-scored rubric, application form, and cover letter, make a check out to ALSCA for $50 with RAVE on the memo line and send it to

Cindy Davis, RAVE Chair

155 Murry Drive

Madison, AL 35758

 After emailing all documents, an email confirmation will be sent to you when items are received. You will be notified of your scoring results in October, 2016. Applicants not achieving enough points for the award will receive feedback regarding their entries. The RAVE Award ceremony is tentatively scheduled during the ALSCA Awards Luncheon at the ALCA Annual Conference scheduled to be held during November, 2016.


If you have any questions or concerns with regard to the RAVE Award, please feel free to contact any member of the Executive Board of ALSCA or Cindy Davis (cindy.davis@knology.net ).

The Alabama School Counselor Association would like to acknowledge the assistance of the Los Angeles County Office of Education in the development of this initiative.


The complete ASCA National Model for School Counseling Programs book as well as the National Model Workbook is available through ASCA at http://www.schoolcounselor.org

RAVE Documents Resource Library

RAVE Score Rubric 2016-17 >>   Word    PDF

RAVE Application Checklist 2016-17

RAVE Application 2016-17

RAVE Template 1 2016-17

RAVE Template 2 2016-17

Example 1 RAVE High School Entry 1st year

Example 2 RAVE Elementary Entry 1st year

Example 3 RAVE Elementary Entry 2nd or 3rd year

Example 4 RAVE Elementary Entry 1st year

Example 5 RAVE High School Entry 1st year

Example 6 RAVE Middle School Entry 2nd or 3rd year

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