Bylaws & Policies

Downloadable PDF Manual:

ALSC Policy Manual and Bylaws 2017-18

General Policies


The fiscal year of this allocation shall be May 1 through April 30. The ALSCA shall be governed by the policies and procedures set forth in this handbook.

Representation of Governing Board Race, sex, and geographic location are to be considered in the appointment of Governing Board members.

  • Governing Board members are to keep an accurate account of the functions of their office/committee and are to transfer all materials and file related to the office/committee in a timely manner to their successors.
  • Each Governing Board member is to submit at least one article each year to the “The
    Alabama School Counselor” newsletter editor.
  • All officers are required to attend ALSCA Governing Board meetings, write and carry out a plan of action, plan a budget for activities, make regular written reports regarding the progress of the plan of action and expenditure of funds, and submit an end of the year report.
  • All elected officers must be members of the American School Counselor Association.
    Appointed officers are strongly encouraged to join.


Office of the President and President-Elect, President-Elect-Elect
This office requires a four-year commitment: one year as president-elect-elect, one year as president-elect and program chair, one year as the President, and one year as Past- President, Nominations and Elections Chair and Parliamentarian.

The President, President-Elect, and President-Elect-Elect must also be eligible to hold professional membership in the American School Counselor Association in order to serve as Alabama’s representative in Delegate Assembly. A professional member must be employed as a school counselor, or otherwise must devote at least 50 percent of the time in activities related to school counseling whether directly or in a supervisory capacity. A professional member must hold a master’s degree from an accredited college or university, with a minimum of 30 semester hours or the equivalent, or graduate credit in courses related to counseling, and must have been employed at least three years in school
counselor related activities. The member must hold a school counselor or guidance certificate or license, if such certificate is available from the state where the member is employed.  The President will be the official representative to national, region, and state meetings for ALSCA.

Duties of Officers and Standing Committees

Duties of officers and standing committees are outlined in the ALSCA Bylaws, Article IV, Section 2 and Article V.

The ALSCA Newsletter

The ALSCA Newsletter “The Alabama School Counselor” will be published/distributed
quarterly with the quarters defined as the following:

• Summer – May, June, and July
• Fall – August, September, and October
• Winter – November, December, January
• Spring – February, March, and April

Financial Policies

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee of the Alabama School Counselor Association oversees the income and expenditures of the Association. The members of the Finance Committee are Treasurer, who is the chairperson, President, Past-President, and President-Elect.

It is the responsibility of both the president and the treasurer to ascertain that all expenditures fall within the guidelines established and the current budget.

Budget Requests and Plans of Action

The Finance Committee will use budget requests and Plans of Action along with the President’s priorities in developing a proposed, balanced budget to submit to the Governing Board for approval at its first fiscal year meeting.

Annual Budget

The Finance Committee (Treasurer, Chair; President; President – Elect; and Past- President) shall review all budget requests and present a proposed balanced budget to the governing Board for approval. The Governing Board shall consider the proposed budget, make any changes deemed advisable and approve a balanced budget.

Budget Adjustments

The budget adjustments of the Association are made from the Finance Committee to the Governing Board. Other budget adjustment must be accompanied by budget request and a Plan of Action sent to the Finance Committee for review and recommendation to the Governing Board.

Budget Expenditures

All expenditures to be reimbursed by ALSCA will be set by the limits of the Association Budget (officers and committees) in compliance with the Association’s governing categories and Financial Policies.

Over Expenditures

The Treasurer will reject any request for payment, which extends beyond the limits for which the money was allocated. The person refused has the right to appeal the decision of the Treasure to the Finance Committee. A second appeal may be made to the ALSCA Governing Board. In all cases the decision of the Governing Board shall be final. Request for Additional Funds Requests for additional funds to exceed the budget amount for the cost center must be defined as to need. Request must be sent to the President. The Finance Committee may grant approval for all over expenditure not to exceed $100.00. The Governing Board upon the recommendation of the Finance Committee must grant approval for all expenditure exceeding the budget amount by $100.00.

Organizational Sustenance

Organizational sustenance shall consist of all committees identified for the purpose of soliciting funds to sustain the organizational structure, purchase of items for profitable resale are allowable expense.  Items to be purchased will be identified along with cost of item, projected number to be purchased and projected profit amounts by the appointed committee chairperson. An outline of these projects shall be presented to the Governing Board in a written Plan of Action statement in the spring of each year.

Fiscal Responsibility

ALSCA leaders are encouraged to exercise fiscal responsibility in a serious attempt to keep cost efficiency in mind when carrying out Association duties. Officers are asked to be continually mindful of the fact that each $150.00 expenditure constitutes the dues of 10 members. Expenditures that benefit all members of the Association are to be prioritized.

Reimbursement Procedures

Expenses incurred as a result of business of the Association shall be authorized for reimbursement by that appropriate ALSCA officer or committee chairperson. Payment authorizations must be submitted to the President (for items in excess of $25.00) or the Treasurer within 30 days of the incidence of the expense. All expenditures must be accompanied by an explanation. Receipts are to be submitted, where possible, for each particular budget category. The President and President-Elect are encouraged to use the Association credit card for travel and lodging expense.

Travel/Lodging/Meals for Designated Association Representatives


Travel by air and/or ground transportation must be at a fare as low as possible to accommodate convenient travel arrangement and be accompanied by dated receipts. Travel by Private Auto:
When allowable, travel by private auto will be reimbursed at the rate of 50 cents per mile to the limit of one round trip airfare at the lowest available cost from the individual’s place of residence or point of departure. Airport ground transportation cost will be reimbursed when reported on payment authorization.

Auto rental:
Auto rental may be reimbursed only if it is specifically authorized by the Finance Committee chair and the President and there is no other available transportation at less cost.

Room expenditures, whenever possible should be based upon one-half the prevailing minimum rates for double occupancy. Single room housing accommodation will only be allowed when  unusual circumstances occur and warrant.

Actual cost of meals and tips shall be reimbursed up to $50.00 per day or according to the following guidelines: Breakfast $10.00, Lunch $15.00, Dinner $25.00. Meals, which are an official function, (such as the ASCA Awards Luncheon at ASCE Conference) shall be fully reimbursed.

Allowable Travel Expenditures

Leadership Development Institute

ASCA will fund the registration expense of the ALSCA President-elect to attend LDI. In the event that the state President-Elect is unable to attend, the state President-Elect- Elect shall attend. In the event that the President-Elect and President-Elect-Elect are unable to attend, the President in collaboration with the state Governing Board will select a substitute from the state leaders to attend LDI. ALSCA will pay airfare and registration for the President to attend LDI and air fare for the President-Elect, according to travel policies. Meal not included in registration will be submitted for reimbursement according to travel policies.

ALSCA will allow expenditures for display items and “giveaways” for LDI. Door prizes will also be provided up to $50.00 each for a maximum of two.

ASCA Delegate Assembly

The Immediate Past President and current President or their alternates will represent ALSCA at the ASCA Delegate Assembly, which is held in conjunction with the American School Counselor Association Annual Conference held in June. This will allow the Past President of ALSCA to finish the ASCA year with his/her class of state presidents and be in compliance with the ASCA bylaws. Expense will be reimbursed, in compliance with travel policies, according to the following two options:

  • Delegate Assembly representative who wishes to actively participate in the American School Counselor Association Conference, ALSCA will pay registration, travel, and lodging for the conference. Officers are ask to share materials and ideas from the conference with counselors in the Association upon their return.
  • For Delegate Assembly representatives who do not plan to attend the conference, ALSCA will pay travel and lodging for the time required to attend Delegate Assembly through ASCA Awards lunch/brunch. ASCA Conference registration will not be paid unless the representatives plan to attend conference sessions during the available time

Advocacy and Public Policy Institute

ALSCA will pay travel and lodging expense for two (2) representatives to attend APPI in Washington, D.C., held in March. Meals will be reimbursed according to policy outlined in this handbook.

Fall Workshop

Lodging and meals, according to reimbursement policies, will be paid for the President to represent ALSCA at the ALCA Annual Conference.

Awards Luncheon

The Awards’ Luncheon will be “self-supporting.” Luncheon costs will include luncheon tickets for the president, president-elect, president-elect-elect, luncheon chairperson(s), award winners, their honored guests (limited to 2) and other honored guests. Additional luncheon expenses will include costs of tickets and table decorations.

Discretionary Funds

President’s Discretionary Budget
$500.00 shall be allocated to the President for payment of incidental expenses such as gifts, gratuities, business cards, photography, items to share at conferences and awards deemed appropriate by the President.

President-Elect Discretionary Budget
$300.00 shall be allocated to the President-elect for payment of incidental expense such as gifts, gratuities, business cards, and items to share at conferences and awards deemed appropriate by the President-elect.

Administrative Expenses
The officers will budget for phone, postage, and additional expenses each year
according to previous years’ examples of necessary costs

Liaison Activities

It is the responsibility of any organization requesting the ALSCA President to attend and participate in scheduled events to make financial arrangements with the President. End of Fiscal Year Accounting
The accounts of all officers and committee chairs should be resolved by June 15 of each year. The Finance Committee chair (Treasurer) will be responsible for submitting for publication an end of the year financial statement for the “The Alabama School Counselor” newsletter.

Funding for Cooperative Conferences

ALSCA seeks to cooperate with other state divisions, agencies, and chapters in the development and sponsorship of conferences, seminars, and workshops for members. If ALSCA approves partial funding of an event, it is a sound rule of thumb that all special events should be self-supporting. Advance funding should be requested and included in the budget for the year with approval of the Governing