Nominations & Elections


“Officers shall be elected annually by ballot at the ALCA Annual Conference.  The results shall be announced in the next issue of the “The Alabama School Counselor.”  Officers (with the exception of Treasurer) shall serve one year, May 1 – April 30. (Bylaws Article III.1.c)”

“The Nominations and Elections Committee will solicit nominations in the summer issues of “The Alabama School Counselor”, members to be considered for office.  The committee shall then submit a slate of nominees for election as stated in Article III.  The Immediate Past-President shall serve as the chairperson of the committee.” (Bylaws Article V.2.f.)

The following timeline is recommended for election procedures:

Summer Newsletter: Call for nominations

Summer —  Appointment of committee

September 30 — Nomination Deadline

Slate of Candidates selected by Election Committee

Fall Newsletter:   Presentation of Candidates

Nomination Information

Annual Conference (If Possible)

Candidates Introduced at Awards Luncheon


December 15  — Ballots mailed to any member not voting at Annual Conference

January 5 — Deadline for Returned Ballots

Winter Newsletter:   Announcement of new ALSCA Officers

Officers to be elected each year:

  • President-Elect-Elect
  • Secretary
  • Historian

Officer to be elected every other year:

  • Treasurer


The Past President shall, with the approval of the President and Governing Board, appoint a committee of no fewer than three persons representing diverse geographical areas of the state. From nomination submitted the committee will select two (if possible) candidates for each office prior to annual conference.  They will be presented in the Fall Newsletter and also at the Awards Luncheon at Annual Conference.

Candidates’ resumes and statements should be submitted to the newsletter editor for publication in the newsletter distributed prior to the election. Election Guidelines should be published and made available to candidates.

Ballots are to be made available to all members attending Annual Conference.  They will be mailed with first class postage to all members not voting at Annual Conference in December.  An appropriate due date for ballots shall be specified in the ballot instruction. The committee should strictly adhere to the date announced for final vote counting.  The Past-President should count the votes in the presence of at least one other Governing Board member.

Each candidate for ALSCA office must submit a complete resume and provide the following material in the order presented to be printed in the “The Alabama School Counselor.”  All materials must be submitted in final form and according to instructions.

  1. Nominee Name:
  2. Candidate for office of:
  3. Nominated by:
  4. Nominee’s Address:
  5. Nominee’s Phone Number:

ALCA Chapter:

  1. Current Position and Location
  2. Nominee’s American School Counselor Association member number
  3. Resume (200 words) Education:
  4. Professional/Leadership Experience:
  5. Association Leadership: Memberships: Awards/Certification/Publications CANDIDATE’S STATEMENT (150 words)

Election Guidelines

Electioneering and campaigning should be kept at a minimum and in accord with the following guideline:

  • The Association, and its affiliate, shall not engage in the practice of budgeting and/or appropriating organizational funds for support of any candidate for any ALCA or ALSCA office.
  • The Association and its candidates shall not engage in the practice of accepting campaign funds and /or other campaign support from commercial firms, corporations and/or foundations.
  • Written candidacy information shall be limited to the election issue of the ALCA “Quarterly”, “The Alabama School Counselor”, and/or the ALSCA ballot. A candidate or their representative (e.g. brochures, letters, etc.) may not disseminate formal written information.  Oral information about candidates will be confined to personal communication among members, not involving campaign speakers, telephone trees, and other formal campaign activities.

Violation of these policies will subject the candidate to possible invalidation of eligibility as a candidate; authority to withdraw a candidate rests with the Nomination and Elections Committee with ratification by the Governing Board.

Any member/candidate charged with violating the written Nominations and Elections policies approved by the Governing Board shall be given notice of the precise nature of the charge, shall be given the opportunity to confront witnesses, and shall have the right to appeal and have a hearing before the Governing Board whose decision shall be final.  The Nominations and Elections Committee shall consider any charges made on the signature of five members in good standing and shall have the power to determine whether the charges shall be dropped, whether the charges are true and if found to be true, shall have the power to disqualify the member/candidate and cancel his/her eligibility as a candidate in the election, subject however to the right of any such member to appeal to the Governing Board from any final decision of the Nominations and Elections Committee.


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Nomination Election Guidelines